Individual IT-Solutions for your business

Consulting and Planning

Every IT project starts with an idea or a concrete need for your business. Togehter will analyze the requirements, pinpoint the main issues pertaining to the project, planning and documenting the results in a to-do list. If desired, we can accompany and oversee the project until successful completion.

Software Development

We will asses your requirements and business process, implementing the most up to date technologies, as well as implementing your requirements and business needs to develop your software product. Existing points of intersection, interfaces and data from your IT landscape will be integrated into the new software. We use the best tools for an optimal solution. We don't do new for the sake of new - we analyze and do our best to optimally improve. Using prototypes allows our clients to accompany the development phase and allows for important input from the very beginning. This is the most efficient way to work, saving time and costs, as well as providing the best possible outcome.

Data Analysis and Evaluation

The basis for business IT solutions are often complex database systems. We speak SQL and create complex database queries and reports with business expertise. The results are available in editable file formats and can be used in your own applications and publications.

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